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Ultrasound training and QA

Grow and maintain competency

Obtain new abilities

Competency analytics

Confidently understand anyone's competency

Virtual assessments

Enable new ultrasound workflows anywhere

Scan archiving

Upload and store from any ultrasound device

Digital logbooks

Track key data for credentialling, audits, and QI/QA

How it works

Competency assessments

Track each user's competency over time through assessments.

Assessment workflows

Integrate with existing workflows.
Create new virtual workflows.

Supervised Exams

Document assessment outcomes.
Add scan archiving as required.

Unsupervised Exams

Remotely assess independent exams.
Add self-assessments as required.

Assessment templates

Basic, advanced, everything between.
Customize to your hearts content.


Quick and easy.
Supports any scoring method.


Assess acquisition skills.
Communicate how to improve.


Assess interpretation skills.
Understand acquisition variance.

Scan archiving

Export to any video or image format.
Upload from any computer or mobile device.

Analytics and reports

Understand competency at every level.
Track data for credentialling, audits, and QI/QA.

Study Reports

Identify specific competency gaps.

Group Analytics

Compare everyone's competency.


Track and export competency data.

Other Features

Review Queues
Admin Dashboard
User Groups
Ultrasound Viewer
Robust Uploads
Anonymous Users
Placeholder Scans
Placeholder Users


No IT required

Nothing to install - no technical skills to setup.

Optional scan archiving

Introduce if and when you need it.

Data privacy compliance

Adhere to HIPAA with anonymized data.

Flexible pricing 

Affordable from 1 to 100 users and beyond

Collaboratively Built

Developed with key design contributions from globally recognized medical ultrasound providers.

Simon Hayward

BSc (Hons), MCSP, PGCert

"What I like the most, is the flexibility to tailor the user interface to match the format of the training programme I teach."

Use Case:  Remote FUSIC mini-fellowship

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr. Alberto Goffi


“A highly efficient method for delivering timely, comprehensive feedback on our trainees' portfolios in an asynchronous manner”

Use Case:  Critical care fellowship

University of Toronto, Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine