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For clinical ultrasound research and informing patient interventions.

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Ultrasound Software

Continuously level up competency training, QA/QI, and research

Why we're doing this

Accelerate equitable access to ultrasound for healing medical conditions

The Platform

Three complimentary applications

Use individually or together


Enhance competency assessments and monitoring


Store and document anonymized scans


Capture and generate publishable datasets

For ultrasound leaders

Who are starting or growing ultrasound programs

Web-based software platform

Streamline assessments and research while removing barriers to competency development and clinical usage like expert accessibility, skill gaps, and time constraints.

Create highly modifiable assessments that allow you to capture the data you need from in-person and unsupervised ultrasound assessments, while making them more enjoyable, effective, and efficient for your team.

Any assessment performed or captured on the platform is feed into analytics that allow you to monitor competency analytics for individuals or groups of people over time.

Create new forms of longitudinal mentorship and virtual asynchronous assessments. Share templates and datasets to support new ultrasound applications, programs, and standards.

What we focus on

Evolvable assessments and analytics that are highly accessible

Assessment workflows

Start with in-person assessments and enable new virtual asynchronous workflows.

Longitudinal analytics

Count and score anything over time with many ways to aggregate and segment your data.

Modifiable templates

Bring your own assessment templates or create new ones and evolve without constraints.

Agnostic archiving 

Archive scans from any handheld or cart-based ultrasound device(s) using a phone, tablet, or computer.

Useable with all devices from mobile phones to large monitors

Admin features

Invite people from your team on the fly, upgrade trainees to experts, and more...

Reviewer assignments

Ensure certain experts can only perform assessments for specific trainees and adjust when needed.

User groups

Visualize analytics for different groups of users such as program years, locations, or courses.

Exam types

Create your own taxonomy of exam types for usage in assessments and analytics.

Placeholder users

Add people from your team and track their competency without requiring them to use the platform.


Get started with just yourself or a small team - scale affordably

No IT required

Nothing to install - no technical skills to setup and manage.

Logbook presets

Transfer existing user logbook counts for each exam type.

Data privacy compliance

Adhere to HIPAA with anonymized patient data.

Equitable pricing 

Affordable from 1 to 100 users and beyond.

Collaboratively built

Designed and developed with ultrasound leaders

Simon Hayward

BSc (Hons), MCSP, PGCert

"What I like the most, is the flexibility to tailor the user interface to match the format of the training programme I teach."

Use Case:  Remote FUSIC mini-fellowship

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Dr. Alberto Goffi


“A highly efficient method for delivering timely, comprehensive feedback on our trainees' portfolios in an asynchronous manner”

Use Case:  Critical care fellowship

University of Toronto, Interdepartmental Division of Critical Care Medicine