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Presuna exists to accelerate equitable access to ultrasound for managing and healing chronic and acute conditions for anyone, anywhere.

In 2019 approximately 1,600,000,000 years of healthy life were lost (Disability Adjusted Life Years - DALY) from chronic diseases. This number is growing exponentially every year.

Events like pandemics exacerbate this problem further decreasing the capacity of global healthcare systems. As a result the sick are only getting sicker. Ultrasound Guided Therapies (UGTs) have tremendous potential to help solve this by improving patient health with earlier, more effective interventions. However they are currently too complex and costly to develop and use clinically - especially outside the hospital walls.


A more equitable world of healthcare where ultrasound is integrated into the standard of care for as many conditions as possible, and made accessible to anyone, anywhere.

Patient's have equitable access to ultrasound anywhere

Receiving ultrasounds from the comfort of their own home, or in remote locations anywhere in the world.

Clinicians can obtain any new ultrasound skill efficiently

Integrating new skills into their clinical practices with ease, accompanied by fair reimbursement.

Ultrasound research can be performed at a much lower cost, effort, and complexity

Publishable datasets can be generated with ease and shared with anyone.

New patient therapies can be invented, validated, and scaled

Creating new ways to enable earlier, more effective interventions for patients.


The name Presuna is a merging of two words "Pre" and "Esuna". "Esuna" is a word for a capability that removes abnormal conditions. "Pre" is short for prelude - an action that serves as an introduction to something more important.

The company Presuna operates under the model of Steward Ownership. This was chosen to harness the efficiency and spirit of an entrepreneurial for-profit enterprise while preserving its essential purpose to create products and services that deliver societal value, all while protecting it from extractive capital. The primary operating principles are:

1) Profits serve the purpose

They are a means to serve the mission and are not the end goal.

2) Self governance

Control remains within the company with people actively engaged in stewarding its operation and mission with their unique talents and skills.