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Pricing Model

Platform Policies
Presuna's pricing model is designed to promote equitable access to the platform while ensuring sustainable growth and continual enhancements

User Capacity Pricing

You pay for User Capacity Slots over a certain duration of time.

Subscription Options

$10 CAD / User Capacity Slot / month

$120 CAD / User Capacity Slot / year

* plus applicable taxes

User Capacity Slots

User Types have varied platform capacity utilization needs.

Given an equal cohort of trainees, we want to enable equitable access for the following two scenarios and everything in-between:

  1. Those who want to start monitoring trainee competency journeys using only a phone.
  2. Those with teams of reviewers across multiple sites who require their trainees to archive from multiple ultrasound devices, document, and monitor their own metrics.

User Types

Standard Users

1 slot / user

Users who receive logins such as admins, experts, and trainees.

Placeholder Users

0.1 slots / user

Users who don't receive logins, but their competency can be monitored by admins and experts.

Pricing Examples

Here are common uses of Presuna and how the pricing works.

In-Person Assessments

Say you want to start tracking in-person assessments for up to 10 trainees.

You would need 2 User Capacity Slots to start - 1 Standard User for yourself, and 10 Placeholder Users for your trainees.

Each additional expert / admin requires 1 User Capacity Slot.

Each additional 10 trainees requires 1 User Capacity Slot.

Unsupervised Assessments

Say you want to start performing assessments for unsupervised scans for 1 trainee.

Since trainees need to upload scans with a Presuna user account, each trainee would be a Standard User.

You would need 2 User Capacity Slots to start - 1 Standard User for yourself, and 1 Standard User for your trainee.

Each additional expert / admin / trainee requires 1 User Capacity Slot.

Deactivating Users

When someone no longer requires access to Presuna, as an admin user you can deactivate them with a click of a button.

Inactive users do not require any User Capacity, so new active users can utilize the free capacity.

Inactive users still show up in your analytics.

How Billing Works

All payment information and processing is handled by a direct integration with Stripe.

Payment Methods

We prefer credit or debit card payments for subscription flexibility, but also accept bank transfers and hybrid payment options if requried.

Payment Frequency

Choose monthly or yearly automatic card payments, with alternative frequencies available upon request.


Generated for every payment - sent by email and accessible anytime in Presuna's billing portal after each payment.

Proration Behaviour

If you change your User Capacity mid-cycle, your next payment will be prorated based on the remaining days and the new User Capacity.

This is all handled by Stripe - here's a more detailed explanation of what happens:

  1. Change in Subscription: When you upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan, Stripe calculates the cost difference between the old and new plans for the remaining time in the current billing cycle.
  2. Proration Calculation: Stripe divides the monthly cost of a plan by the number of days in the month to get a daily rate. It then calculates the proration based on the number of days left in the billing cycle after the change was made.
  3. Credit or Charge: If the new plan is more expensive, the you are charged a prorated amount for the upgrade. If the new plan is less expensive, you are given a prorated credit.
  4. Next Billing Cycle: If immediate payment is not taken, Stripe applies the prorated charge or credit to the upcoming invoice. This means any additional cost or credit is reflected in the next billing cycle's invoice.
  5. Invoice Generation: When the next billing cycle starts, Stripe generates an invoice that includes the full amount for the new plan for the upcoming period plus any prorated charges or credits from the previous cycle.
  6. Consolidated Payment: You then pay a single, consolidated amount that includes both the prorated charges or credits from the previous changes and the regular charge for the new billing period.

Subscription Cancellation

Cancel your subscription any time by contacting us through the platform's built-in messaging system or by sending us an email - support@presuna.com.